We are a specialist practice which usually sees patients by referrals from other dental and medical practices. Referrals are, however, not absolutely necessary. If you feel that your child would benefit from specialist care and attention from a young age, we would be delighted to do so.

Consultations and Surgery are available at all three practices

We simply ask that you book an appointment with us over the phone on (07) 3831 5677, whereby a friendly team member will be able to organise a time for you to be seen. 

If you would like to know further details of the costs involved, please do not hesitate to ask.



Payment for your consultation will be required on the day of your appointment. We accept Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard. We also have HICAPS terminals available, so we can help you claim from your private health insurance on the day of the appointment. We are not affiliated or preferred in any way with any private health insurer. 

If further treatment needs to be undertaken, we will have to collect a deposit before being able to organise a time for the treatment appointment.


Patient Care

Feel free to contact any of our team members if you have a query. Please click here, for more information on paediatric dentistry and orthodontics. 

Consultations and treatment are available at the City Main Surgery and Sunnybank Hills Branch Surgery. Additionally, treatment can be done at facilities including the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital. We can provide treatment under local anaesthesia (awake), gaseous sedation (happy gas), less frequently intravenous sedation and usually general anaesthetic . 

We encourage parents to discuss the treatment options for their children and be involved in the care of their child. Our aim is to provide all relevant information to parents to help them make important decisions. 

Treatment normally commences at the appointment following your initial visit. Parents and guardians are encouraged to be present with their child, provided their presence does not compromise the safety or quality of care. The exception to this is when treatment is provided under general anaesthetic or IV sedation - you will be allowed in until your child goes to sleep, but after that, we ask that you wait in the waiting room. 

Oral health therapist

We recommend that children who require ongoing treatment also have an appointment with our oral health therapist, who has a wealth of knowledge in the area of promoting good oral health. Our therapist works under the direction of Dr P Y Lai. Time spent with our oral health therapist will comprise of one-on-one discussion, instruction and advice on effective cleaning, the right diet and other features to maintain good oral health. We aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy optimal oral health and to maintain it through to adulthood.


After Hours Contacts

While we aim to provide you with the best care available, our practice is only limited to treatment during working hours. If your child has just undergone general anaesthetic surgery, we provide you with the number of our specialist paediatric anaesthetist should any
concerns arise.