New Patients for Paediatric Dentistry

Your First Visit

We often accept new patients due to a referral from other dentists. Mostly, these children were referred because they require extensive dental treatment or are too apprehensive towards dental appointments and require some more specialist attention. As a result, during their first visit with us, we aim to make the overall experience pleasant and settling for your child. 

As the aim of the visit is to assess what needs to be done, all the while ensuring that as little stress possible is placed on the child, your child will need to do no more than open their mouth wide and allow their teeth to be counted. As the parent or guardian of the child, you may be expected to participate in the process as a means of reassurance for the child.

With the information that we collect from the initial clinical examination, we will be able to provide you with a plan as to what needs to be done after that first visit. We will also provide you with information about treatment and what options are available to you so that you may be able to make a well informed decision as to how to best proceed from there. Generally, we do not commence treatment on the day of the first appointment.

Directions are available here if you need some help with finding either one of our practices.


At the First Appointment,Please Remember:

  • The referral from your dentist
  • X-rays (if you have a copy)
  • (Optional) A printed copy of the Confidential Patient Information form, filled out (available here)


Consultation and treatment on the same day

We understand that there are circumstances such as the distance between your residence and an available specialist which make it difficult for you to seek urgent treatment for the management of the dental condition of your child. To save you the trouble of making multiple lengthy trips to and from Brisbane, we offer the option of a same say consultation-treatment appointment for patients who live more than 2 hours away from Brisbane. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you wish to know more about this nature of appointments.